Quality policy

The aim of Tech-Medical Hungary Kft in their scope of filed is to satisfy their Partners’ needs more fully, with appropriate speed, along with constant quality control.

In order to achieve this, the main goals of Tech-Medical Hungary Kft are the following

Maintenance of Customer satisfaction

Which we achieve by completing the orders qualitatively, on precise deadline, by services, with a price set out in an agreement.

Responsible, quality work

Customer satisfaction can only be achieved with good quality services. The direction of Tech-Medical Hungary Kft helps coworkers to be able to identify with the quality fulfillment by creating a great working atmosphere, by their commitment towards fulfilling quality work and by the development of the inside-system processes.

Fulfiling the following tasks accordingly

"Commerce, designing, production, maintenance of medical devices and gas equipment and medical technology consultation..."

Working in accordance with regulations

Tech-Medical Hungary Kft strives to be a high quality provider for their Clients. In order to achieve this, we lead our activities according to regulatios of the permament legislation in force and of the regulatory provisions, under monitored and verified circumstaces, providing the needed resources. We provide the training of our employees with organised and recurrent education.

Creating an effectively functioning, certified quality management system

Our direction is committed to the maintenance of a documented, fixed in regulations and by internal and external audits regularly revised quality management system respective of the regulations of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.