AQUABUDDY - shower in a bed


The Italian Aquabuddy is the Pol-Group Network’s startup business. Their main goal is to increase the living conditions of the disabled and mobility impaired people.

In order to achieve this, they created Aquabuddy-Pro, the first device that can be professionally used in nursing homes, hospitals and for other patient care fields. Its biggest advantage is that bathing of the patient is possible without any physical or psychical effort, the bathng process is realised in the patient’s bed and takes only a few minutes.

Bathing with sponges and damp cloth is not offering appropriate hygienic conditions, on the contrary, it can cause bacterial growth and can increase the risks of urinal tract infections.

The Aquabuddy device ensures appropriate hygienic conditions and they allow the patients to take a shower in their beds. The Aquabuddy-Home which has similar qualities than the Pro model, is the first mobile cutting edge device that bring showering into the patient’s bed.