Mechanical and electric repair and maintenance works

Tech-Medical Hungary Kft.

We undertake the repair of hydraulic and gas-spring mechanisms of surgical tables, surgical chairs, hospital beds, the repair, restoration and individual design of hydraulic mechanisms regardless of the brand and the type: hospital beds, surgical tables, Sonnenburg tables, surgical chairs etc., exchange of oil and plumbing, renovation of mechanism, purchase of parts and their individual production if needed production and purchase of individual sized hoses renovation of controll valves, exchange and cleaning of parts.

We also fulfill the repair, renovation and exchange tasks of gas-spring mechanisms regardless of the brand and the type: gas-springs of hospital beds, surgical tables, surgical chairs and other mechanisms production based on individual measurement, with components standtard, locable gas-spring, gas-spring with roll-over bar, stainless and gas-springs used in vehicle industry etc. Furthermore we undertake the production and purchase of individual ends for gas-spring devices.

We undertake as well the installation and maintenance of surgical lights, individual maintenance tasks and distribution of surgical and operation lights, the installation of surgical and operation lamps (regardless of brand), the installation on the wall or on the ceiling, load test and recording, the design, poduction and reparation of individual supporting structures. We offer the restoration and repair of surgical and operation lamp-head units/ wall lamps regulation and adjustment and proper exchange of wall lamps (regardless of brand) exchange and reparation of lamp-head units exchange of light bulbs, LED panels brilliance mesurement, focus-point adjustment etc.

The distribution of electric accessories electric acutators, remote controls, cables, controlers, battery backups, CPR arms and other accessories lifting columns and other linear devices is one of our tasks as well. Moreover, we fufill the distribution of hospital gas-devices, as well as the reparation, renovation and production of individual gas parts, such as bottle decompressors, OXYGEN therapy, hospital oxygen therapy, hospital devices.