BenQ surgical tables and surgical lights

BenQ Medical Technology Corporation

The Taiwanese BenQ is producing surgical tables and surgical lights. The year of 1989 meant their breakthrough, when they grew up to be an important actor of the local and international market.

In 1998 Trident Medical was born with the merging of numerous medical equipment producing companies, in wich BenQ Medical Tech. took part as well. The main goals of Trident was the production of professional medical equipments (surgical tables, lights).

In the 2000’s their products were distributed in more than 50 coutries around the world, and they obtained several international pizes and standards for ex.: GMP, ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, ETL.

Since 2002 their products are present in emerging countries. In 2010 Trident joined the BenQ group, and in 2011 Trident medical Corporation officially changed its name to BenQ Medical Technology Corporation.

The vision of BenQ Medical Technology is to accomplish constant developing and researching tasks and to apply cutting edge technologies in the design and poduction of medical equipments. . Their high quality manual- and electro-hydraulic surgical tables, halogen and LED surgical lights are user friendly and offer an easily accessible solution for hospitals.