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As concerns the branch of commercial activities, our primary goal was to create such a sales and commercial field by which we can realize and maintain independence and uniqueness, and as a result of this, we did not decide to specialize in the distribution of only one brand or a specific product.

By these commercial activities we support our partners in bringing a well-founded decision, both from a professional and economic aspect.

During the sales we always focus primarily on the requirement, the allocation of the product comes only afterwards - which means that we allocate products to needs and not vice versa.

Distribution of our commercial products/fields:

  • new medical technology machines/devices
  • used medical technology machines/devices
  • renewed medical technology machines/devices
  • medical technology machines/devices manufactured by Tech-Medical Ltd.

You can find the products distributed by us at any of the below contact details or in the menu option ‘WEBSHOP’!