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Under our characterisation and philosophy, our goal is TO BE UNIQUE. In case we cannot find any products on the market for our partners, by which we could satisfy their professional economic and design requirements (appearance, colour, size, etc.), we are ready to design it based on our technical know-how and professional experience of several years, and to have it manufactured by our subcontractors.

We carry out our activities by utilising our network of connections, established during several years, and by the help of our highly-qualified subcontractors.

Our manufacturing tasks have dual ingredients: on one hand they are composed of the unique requirements of our customers, and, on the other hand, we try to fill our those “niches” by the above-mentioned activities which are missing from the healthcare field, respectively, which show general deficiencies - by all this, our objective is to support the recovery process of patients and to shorten the patient journey, in accordance and cooperation with the medical staff carrying out the treatment.

Distribution of our fields of manufacture:

  • electronic equipment
  • mechanical systems
  • electrical and mechanical equipment