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Our company, Tech-Medical Ltd. was founded in 2010 as a family business. At the beginning we have been fulfilling tasks in connection with the operation of EMVIO (the Healthcare Technical Manager Integration Page) on an exclusive basis, which is still operated by us with an increasing success and extended content. Thereafter, since the second quarter of 2012 we have been serving healthcare with an extended circle of activities.

The headquarters of our company is located in the city of Hatvan, in eastern direction from Budapest, the Capitol along the Motorway M3, where we are looking forward to meet our current and potential partners in our office combined with a showroom.

Our philosophy is to be unique, which applies both in the field of distribution, manufacture, repairing and maintenance of new and used medical technology instruments and in the field of medical technology, planning and consultation.

During several years spent in the field of healthcare and institutional environment, we have met all issues and problems of the technical field. This period was enough to bring the decision to share our obtained experience with others, and to provide help as many Hungarian healthcare institutions, their leaders and their technical experts as possible.

As the Hungarian healthcare is our labour of love - which has been integrated also into the conceptual system of Tech-Medical Ltd., as well - we hope that more and more customers will contact us in the future, in order to be able to hand them over our professional experience, respectively, to be able to resolve problematic issues together. By the help of our qualified colleagues we work day-by-day to fulfil the requests of our partners, and to find the best solution for their problems in the shortest possible time.

Our objective is to create and support a well-operating, modern and patient-centred healthcare - in which we are able to create a smooth patient care together.